What is Airport Notes?

Airport Notes is a note sharing application across the pilots about airports they are flying.

What is the purpose of Airport Notes?

Airport Notes aims to help pilots to increase their situational awareness about aerodromes they are flying.

What can be done with Airport Notes?

With Airport Notes you can check tips & tricks (a.k.a notes) which were written by other pilots; so you can learn

  • expected STAR and approach type generally used in that airport
  • expected taxi routes usually used in that airport
  • expected parking position usually given
  • expected SID usually used for departures
  • and more

Also you can write your own notes for your own sake or for the other pilots.

Some extra features

  • Notes can be up voted and down voted, so you can sort the notes by popularity
  • Notes can be filtered by language
  • Airport Notes support offline usage, so you can write your notes while airplane mode and send it later.
  • You can see the airports on the map or you can see the map of airports that you wrote note.